E-Commerce Solutions

Palazon e-commerce solutions are a proven and easy way for you to extend your business to a borderless Internet world.

Whatever it is that you are interested in selling online; Palazon can provide you with a complete e-commerce system including shopping-cart functions, database integration with a new or existing fulfillment system, integration with interactive web chat customer service system and a secured online payment gateway.

  1. Proven: Palazon e-commerce system has been implemented to thousands of business portals in the last 15 years, handling millions of transactions every year.
  2. Easy: We design and implement solutions that are easy to use for the user; anyone without IT knowledge can use the backend system to manage their online products & transactions.
  3. Complete: You will find all the standard features in our e-commerce package.
  4. Extendable: If you are thinking of integrating the e-commerce portal to an existing ERP system or even adding more features in the future. Yes, our solution will allow you to do so.
  5. Customizable: Can’t find a suitable e-solution for your creative online business idea? Let us help you to customize and realize your great idea!
  6. Secure: Palazon e-commerce system is equipped with multiple levels of access control, data encryption, and seamless payment gateway integration.
  7. Support: Our e-commerce web designer and programmer are ready to provide professional support for the entire lifecycle of the project.