Corporate Email Solutions

E-mail Hosting & Redundancy Palazon offers a complete range of solutions for your business email needs. You can choose from a range of plans for email hosting and redundancy. Email is primarily used in corporations as a mode of communication within the company, with other businesses or with clients. Thus not only do we offer Read More →

E-Commerce Solutions

Palazon e-commerce solutions are a proven and easy way for you to extend your business to a borderless Internet world. Whatever it is that you are interested in selling online; Palazon can provide you with a complete e-commerce system including shopping-cart functions, database integration with a new or existing fulfillment syst Read More →

Business IT Solutions

Solutions for Enterprises Palazon business IT solutions for enterprises is smarter way for large companies who wants to benefit from having a fully compatible IT system that is aligned to your business goals and needs. Off the shelf softwares are great because of its ease and speed in setting it up. However in most cases, it [& Read More →