Domain Names

A Domain name in its simplest meaning is commonly referred to as the full address for a website, for example This Domain name can be broken down into three parts. The top-level domain name in this example is com (commercial), the second-level domain name would be abc (usually the name of the organization or entity) and finally www (points to a host/server). There are companies whose business is in maintaining the list of Domain names ensuring that each and every domain name created does not conflict with one another.

A Domain name server on the other hand is essentially a large distributed database that processes the domain name and maps it to the IP address (which represents a physical point on the Internet). There are many advantages of this system; one of them being that it’s easier to remember rather than an IP address like 151.325.346.134 which machines use to locate others.

Here at Palazon, we offer services for Domain name registration and renewal, promising to help you find a suitable non-conflicting Domain name and making it fuss free for your business to quickly setup websites.

Domain Names & Pricing
Domain Extensions Price Country Availability
.com, .net, .org S$20 / year Public S$60 / year Singapore Local Company Representative or Presence in Singapore S$60 / year Singapore Local Non-profit society registered in Singapore S$35 / year Singapore Singapore Citizen or permanent residents.
.sg S$60 / year Singapore Public,, S$60 / year China Public
.cn S$60 / year China Public
.cc S$60 / year Cocos Islands Public
.biz, .info, .name, .us S$30 / year Public