Web Hosting

Web hosting includes website and email hosting services which are critical for current businesses as they rely much on e-mail communications and Internet presentation.

Since 1997, Palazon has hosted thousands of websites and web applications for a wide array of companies. Our services can provide for a company e-commerce website, a large size corporate web application, or even just for your small personal interests.

Our servers are located in Singapore’s state-of-the-art data centre, with 24×7 network monitoring, multi-level security control, fire suppression & protection system, and water leakage detection system. We provide 24×7 technical support services for all of our customers ensuring immediate assistance.

You can choose a predefined hosting plan with an affordable rate, or if you have special requirements, we are able to customize a plan just for you. Join us now as part of our huge number of clients and enjoy quality hosting services in Singapore!