Corporate Email Solutions

E-mail Hosting & Redundancy

Palazon offers a complete range of solutions for your business email needs. You can choose from a range of plans for email hosting and redundancy.

Email is primarily used in corporations as a mode of communication within the company, with other businesses or with clients. Thus not only do we offer email hosting services but since we understand this underlying need to ensure that no email gets lost in case of server failures, we provide email redundancy services as well.

With email redundancy whenever an email server goes down, all mails will automatically be diverted to another temporary server where we will store them safety for you. When the email server goes back up, all emails in the temporary server will be transferred back. This ensures that your emails will never get lost again , ensuring all information gets delivered.

E-mail Security & Monitoring

Here at Palazon, we firmly believe in protecting valuable corporate information and keeping them away from illegal access. Because email is still a primary mode of communication for corporations, we are concerned with helping you protect the information contained in the emails.

With our email security and monitoring services, we provide safer ways for you to send emails. By using encryption methods to safeguard the contents of your email, you can be rest assured that your email will only be read by the intended receiver.

Active email monitoring is also another crucial component in safeguarding sensitive information. The monitoring software actively scans for files or attachments for possible Trojans/Viruses that can either destroy the email contents or redirect it to a malicious hacker.

We have a full package of email solutions to address such issues, minimizing the risk of data loss and preventing unwanted access.