Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software/system is essentially a group of business systems that link up different departmental functions for business automation, planning and collaboration. According to the different industries’ needs, there are many functional modules like purchasing, warehouse, production, sales, project & service management, customer relationship management (CRM), etc.

Palazon ERP system (PalaERP) is built on open, flexible, service-oriented architecture (SOA) with centralized robust database, modern and web-based user interface. Its scalability allows you to extend or reduce the features according to your needs. Its centralized data storage and web-based interface provide the flexibility of user access, reduces the investment on hardware and software for both servers & workstations.

The major benefits of using Palazon ERP System:

  1. Multiple Companies Support
  • Our ERP system supports multiple companies, each company has separated master data and transactions, which is good for business managing multiple companies.
  1. Multiple Currencies Support
  • In addition to reporting currency, our system supports multiple foreign currencies, with advanced and intelligent conversion between transactions and reporting, manual update or daily auto currency rates update from MAS.
  1. Multiple Devices Support
  • Our system is built in web-based technologies, it enable user to access the system from any devices with browser, through VPN and the access rights assigned to the user.
  1. Real-Time Intelligent Reports
  • Monitoring the live reports is very important for decision makers. Our ERP system is built with real-time intelligent reporting engine, able to provide immediate information and reports for users to make decision.
  1. Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid Deployment
  • According to your own business needs and data policy, we provide the flexibility for deployment. The ERP system can be deployed on the cloud, on-premise, or in hybrid infrastructure.
  1. E-Commerce Ready
  • An e-commerce website can be fully integrated with the ERP system, include stock, pricing, customers, transactions, delivery, etc.
  1. 3rd Party Integration
  • With the Application Programming Interface (API) technology, our ERP system can be integrated with the popular 3rd party e-commerce platforms, such as Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10. Other customised integration features include the shopping malls, customs, ACRA, IRAS, etc.
  1. Advanced Security
  • Security is the 1st priority in our system implementation, in additional to the strict and precise coding standards and testing specifications, we also implement multiple-factor authentication, security alert and enhanced protection for server, infrastructure and application level.
  1. Better Data Reliability & Integrity
  • Greater transparency and visibility of the transactions across the enterprise.
  1. Optimised Business Logic
  • Latest and advanced workflows, reporting and service practices, enables user to make better decisions, greatly improves business efficiency.


One-Stop Service we will provide to you:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Requirements analysis
  • Software solution proposal, costing and scheduling
  • Server infrastructure & hardware solution proposal and costing
  • Government grant application and claim advice
  • System functional & design specifications
  • System development
  • User acceptance test
  • Hosting server and infrastructure setup
  • System deployment
  • System maintenance
  • Server & infrastructure maintenance
  • After deployment review

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