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Enterprise Application

We provide comprehensive business and industry
solutions, enabling organizations to significantly
improve efficiency

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Custom Software

We analyze your special requirements, and develop the
customized software to meet your own needs

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E-Commerce Solutions

A complete, customized and secured e-commerce
system enables an online business in just a few clicks

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Web Design Services

Want to be unique on the web? Every business is
unique and so is your website! Our creative design will
stand out from the crowd

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Web Hosting Services

Our dedicated and shared hosting services, keep your
website and web applications always available online
and without interruption

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We believe that your quality products and services
should be known to all! Our SEO & e-marketing
services is the right choice for you

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Featured Products
Job Portalonline and secure job portal for all kinds of industriesPoint of Sales (POS)no matter how many branches or sales terminals you...Recruitment Management System (RMS)web-based system, ideal for foreign worker managementContent Management System (CMS)manage any content for your website & web applications with WYSIWYG editor E-Commerce Shopping Cartcustomized e-commerce website design & development, secure online payment gateway.
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Services HighlightGuaranteed SEO Services!get your website on major search engines' TOP 10 within 6 months. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutionsanalyze your needs, build and customize the right ERP systems for your organization Customer Relationship Management (CRM)manage your customers, orders, invoices, etc. with an intelligent CRM. Secure Web-based File Transferwant to send large files in a fast & secure way? This is the solution.
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Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC)Do you know? Subscribe to Palazon service, you can get 400% Tax Deduction, or 60% Cash Rebate!
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BMW Toshiba Singapore Sports Council

IDA Singapore National Environment Agency angie the choice